LMKT’s V-Secur® is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based integrated security management solution that helps transform buildings of all types and sizes into smart facilities. It is a multi-tiered physical, human and electronic security system that seamlessly caters to a broad spectrum of security requirements from a single application interface.

V-Secur helps monitor and manage geographically distributed workforces using centrally managed, sophisticated RFID and biometric technology; video surveillance; and smart applications.

It is Microsoft and SAP certified and works from anywhere and on any device including smartphones, tablets and conventional desktop systems.

V-Secur is the fastest and most responsive suite among comparable solutions in the market today. It easily interfaces with existing ERP systems offering organization-wide monitoring and surveillance data. The cloud-based architecture also eliminates the need for investment in additional hardware.V-Secur’s unique combination of hardware and software technologies enables users to collect valuable data, generate reports for intelligent decision-making and create positive synergy through Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource Information System integration. The comprehensive solution helps expand the functionality of an organization’s surveillance system to address key safety and security concerns and offer boundless security. Moreover, the integrated and customizable solution is compatible with different business modules across various industries and has helped expand and transform the security and surveillance needs of LMKT’s clients.

Over the last decade, V-Secur has evolved into Pakistan’s preferred and most reliable integrated security solution that is deployed at leading multinationals and public sector organizations with mission critical requirements. Among the hundreds of V-Secur deployments, it is being used to monitor South Asia’s largest mall, Lucky One, spanning a covered area of 1.75 million sq. ft. with 1,241 parking bays with an average daily footfall of 250,000. V-Secur is also the monitoring and surveillance solution of choice for the Lahore and Multan MetroBus service that is frequented by 150,000 and 70,000 people on a daily basis.

Core Features

The Time and Attendance module captures real-time data about employees across geographically dispersed facilities of an organization. The module has a comprehensive reporting module that analyzes, collates and visually presents data in meaningful forms. The data analytics tool aids authorized managers and users of the system in important evaluations and decision-making resulting in the efficient utilization of human resources.

The Visitor Management tool equips users with a simple and easy to use tool to preregister visitors online at any time or place. The integrated photo badging facility of this module helps track and monitor visitors and ensures that all registered guests are authorized to access selected faccilities. The advanced visitor activity interface displays a list of active visitors including details on when their access will expire. All data transferred between V-Secur and its various module is encrypted end-to-end eliminating the need for complex and expensive third-party software and hardware for data security.

The Vehicle Management System affords a convenient and automated mechanism for identification, tracking and monitoring of vehicles. The system can monitor vehicle entry and exit for parking lots and other facilities. The system uses RFID tags and integrated CCTV surveillance offering real-time monitoring of vehicle movement and to detect and deny access to unauthorized vehicles.

The Café Management feature offers an automated system to manage and track daily café related transactions and points of sales to minimize manual work and human error. It offers fast and secure configuration and audit trailing of users and administrators by generating user, region and vendor specific reports.

The Fire and Intrusion Detection System digitally manages responses to triggered emergency events such as fires or intrusions from a single interface. Users can categorize specific zones in the V-Secur database and corresponding response mechanisms such as digital video, global I/O function, and e-mail and SMS alerts. For example, in case of a triggered smoke alarm, motion detector or illegal attempted entry the module can be programmed to activate the CCTV camera, two-way audio channel or door lockdown facility situated in the corresponding location.

Map view is a standardized platform that offers event driven automation. It integrates V-Secur’s access control, photo identification, digital video surveillance, visitor management and alarm monitoring and intrusion features to help businesses increase situational awareness, reduce risks and eliminate hidden costs associated with operating non-integrated systems. In case of any unauthorized activity or specific hazards, the solution will automatically execute emergency protocols set in place such as fire alarms, perimeter security, passive security and intrusion detection. The Map View Personal Tracker uses RFID readers installed at various locations to generate an audit log that displays the real time geographical location of employees throughout the secured premises during or after an emergency.

The V-Secur Muster Point application is used for emergency situations where cardholders must evacuate and congregate in a dedicated ‘safe’ location. It is used in conjunction with the access control module to provide real-time analytics during or after an emergency to help administrators manage offsite locations. The application generates automated printed versions of muster reports to keep track of the employees that have exited the premises safely.

The Dashboard is a fully customizable interface that offers a personalized graphical view of employee activity to generate performance indicator graphs and cross-departmental reports for corporate analysis and decision-making.

The access control and alarm monitoring system provides maximum security for physical access to any premises or privileged area through the use of latest RFID corporate cards and biometric technologies. The flexible system allows authorized users to grant or revoke access to physically secured, centrally controlled and geographically distributed areas. Its segmentation feature allows centralized management of individual users, administrator defined groups; and granular access privileges ensuring efficient utilization of limited memory access control hardware. The built-in scheduler allows administrators to link and schedule one-off or recurring future activities such as facility lockdown and others according.

Featured Projects

LMKT’s V-Secur solution boasts a large portfolio of clients across a wide array of industry types and sizes including telecommunications, transportation, energy and utilities, government and development

Ufone Nationwide

LMKT has successfully completed the project for the Implementation of Nationwide Time Attendance and Access Control Solution for Ufone, Pakistan using its V-Secur solution. Covering 36 sites across 15 cities, it is the largest implementation of such a solution in the mobile communication sector of Pakistan. It enables the security and management of over 3,000 personnel daily.

Punjab Mass Transit Authority

LMKT is providing Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) with a centrally controlled cloud video surveillance system that allows real time traffic management. The unified interface allows the monitoring of 14 feeder routes and ensures the safety of commuters through fault tolerant infrastructure, 367 PTZ cameras, and uninterrupted power supply and fiber connectivity. Additionally, LMKT is providing PMA with operational management and maintenance support for six years.

LuckyOne Mall

LMKT is providing South Asia’s largest mall, Lucky One Mall, covering 3.2 million square feet with a multi-faceted security and surveillance system through its V-Secur platform to transform its premises into a smart facility. The customized integrated solution incorporates a centralized data center, extensive IT infrastructure, an access control room and more than 5,000 CCTV cameras. Its primary software features include BMS integration, fire integration, video management, an electronic billing solution and video analytics.


LMKT has successfully concluded the Implementation of security for personnel and vehicles at PTCL, the largest telecommunication service provider of Pakistan. The project covers 43 sites across 25 major cities for 25,000 users and is the biggest implementation of such a solution in the telecommunications sector of Pakistan. The key features of PTCL’s customized solution include: Access Control, Time and Attendance, Vehicle Management and Visitor Management.

It was a pleasure to work with LMKT’s team of diligent and hard working professionals on the CUP project. In a very short span of time, we built a system that unifies a lot of complex data and functionality into a high quality, easy to use solution.

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Peter O’Regan
IT Specialist and CUP Project Manager, Saudi Aramco

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