VO8- ICT Pasha Award 2017

VO8 is LMKT’s award-winning office automation solution aimed at the implementation of e-governance services and paperless processes. Progressive governments around the world are automating their key functions to improve interactions with citizens and within their own departments to ultimately serve the public more effectively.

LMKT is one of the pioneers in e-government services and paperless office solutions. We’ve been working with the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and its various departments on the implementation of virtual office and e-government initiatives for over a decade.

Provision of e-services remains a core priority for the federal and provincial governments of Pakistan to improve the delivery of service and enhance internal efficiency of various government offices. Our VO8 solutions offers quick access and retrieval of information, important insights for decision support and various ancillary services to improve access to public services.

VO8 offers 360-degree workflow automation for government departments including an advanced document management system that can seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems. Government departments can gain important insights that typically result in operational delays and cost overruns. VO8’s architecture allows for it to be customized rapidly for any public or commercial setting.

Core Features

The file management module and internal communication module automates internal communication functions and serves an intelligent repository for documents and information.

Some of the key features of this module include

  • File organization
  • Document management
  • Correspondence on files
  • Workflow and reminders management
  • Inbound and outbound correspondence management
  • Executive dashboards
  • Application administration

By way of automating and streamlining file management the VO8 solution helps improve internal communication and correspondence, thereby cutting time lags and increasing productivity of staff.

The financial planning and budgeting module automates processes such as budget provisioning, expenditure management and incoming liquidity through different sources. Important features supported by the module include chart of accounts, financial years’ management, budget preparation and revisions, forecasting, preparation of expense registers, and reconciliations.

This module can be conveniently integrated with the internal communication, project management, inventory and procurement and human resource modules.

The human resource management module automates processes such as recruitment, training, disciplinary actions, medical reimbursement claims, retirement, honorariums, leave management, annual confidential reports (ACR) and performance appraisals. Essential features include: defining recruitment requirements, composing job advertisements, scheduling meetings, evaluating prescriptions and vouchers, conducting appraisals, submitting and filtering job applications, creating and managing employee profiles and managing employee attendance.

The project management module aims to streamline the management of key projects for improved productivity. This module automates various phases in the project development lifecycle such as budget preparation; peer reviews; project completion and sustainability declaration; budget approvals; project monitoring; and the preparation of project monitoring and health reports.

The portal services component is a comprehensive system that allows development and management of secure business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-employee (B2E) portals. More specific services include personalization, web content management, document management, and productivity functions along with a scalable portal framework. The extended offering adds powerful collaborative features to enhance portal effectiveness. Important features of this module include versatile framework, customization, content management and application integration.

The inventory and procurement management module handles the entire chain of processes from the requisition of an item to its acquisition from stock. The module allows for preparation of procurement evaluation criteria; bid evaluation forms creation; purchase process, tenders and quotations management; purchase order generation; comparative analysis; tender and quotation results; delivery detail issuance; dead stocks updation; invoices generation; and requests for goods and services issuance.

It was a pleasure to work with LMKT’s team of diligent and hard working professionals on the CUP project. In a very short span of time, we built a system that unifies a lot of complex data and functionality into a high quality, easy to use solution.

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Peter O’Regan
IT Specialist and CUP Project Manager, Saudi Aramco

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