Work Force Management

LMKT’s Workforce Management solution is a unified application explicitly designed to support businesses gain visibility into the work they perform, the activities of the employees who perform it, and the processes that are used to accomplish it. Our workforce management solution is a performance-based tool that allows businesses to keep track of the workers in the field with its comprehensive feature set.

In a fast paced and connected world, automation becomes a necessity to turn insights into actions. Workforce automation solution is an attempt to make field operations simpler and faster by optimizing processes for businesses that have most of their workforce in the field.

The Workforce Management solution entails scheduling and monitoring tools that allow smart decisions with comprehensive monitoring of attendance and productivity of their staff in all locations.

Among many others, LMKT’s workforce management suite is currently deployed at PTCL, Diamond Paints, Pakistan Tobacco Company.

Core Features

The key to success for businesses lies is in the speed and quality with which they can respond to the needs of the client. The integrated web portal acts as a dashboard for all the team activities to get a glimpse of real-time location updates, viewing of data on a web map interface to perform analysis and quality checks.

Managers do not have to wait for the end of the workday to overview team performance. Real-time access to data allows quick access to data that also means faster decision-making. Workers will be able to fill out forms while in the field and update their managers of their progress in real-time. The unique feature allows any changes in the form to be deployed immediately without the hassle to redistribute files.

The task management feature allows managing and streamlining day-to-day tasks over geographically dispersed operations through a diverse feature set. Employees can begin performing their tasks by marking their attendance and filling out the forms with the freedom of attaching captured images or promotional flyers. Once submitted, the location where the data was recorded is saved automatically.

Hosting applications on cloud offers businesses an essential differentiator. Businesses can easily track teams by an associated account in the cloud. The unique feature allows for high-capacity networks, increased storage space as well as service-oriented architecture- fostering smooth integration with businesses’ existing customer management systems.

The application dashboard gives a clear snapshots of real time data collection, monitoring of workforce for better visualization of field productivity. Workforce concentrated companies such as insurance companies, services providers, pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, research based organizations etc. need to have an active field force management solution for effective planning and capacity utilization.

It was a pleasure to work with LMKT’s team of diligent and hard working professionals on the CUP project. In a very short span of time, we built a system that unifies a lot of complex data and functionality into a high quality, easy to use solution.

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Peter O’Regan
IT Specialist and CUP Project Manager, Saudi Aramco

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