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LMKT in its drive to promote clean energy for a diversified energy mix, invested in a technology startup, StepRobotics. The clean-tech company is poised to disrupt the solar industry with its advanced shading analysis app, StepSolar.

Create High Performance, Highly Profitable Solar Arrays

Solar installers constantly find themselves juggling with many different activities such as conducting site analyses, equipment selection, outlining financing options, and all the while creating a winning proposal for the customer. This seriously harms the ability to close deals!

Introducing StepSolar

StepSolar does all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on closing deals. From conducting an accurate site analysis to generating a ready-to-sign proposal for the customer, StepSolar comes with all the tools to grow your solar business.

Step Solar App

analyticsThe Most Advanced
Site Analysis Tool

solar equipmentMarket Place for
Solar Equipment

cloudCloud-based Sales



Cost Effective




More Accurate

Create a Winning Proposal in Less Than Four Hours!

Step Solar Proposal Steps

A Win-Win for Installers and Customers

Advantages for Home Owners

  • 100% consumer protection
  • Accurate production system
    forecasting and equipment
  • System production information
  • The system will show the
    production from equipment

Advantages for Installers

  • Sell a system on the spot
  • Verified production number for
    the client
  • Very low-cost tool requiring only a lens
  • All data securely stored on the cloud

Site Analysis

StepSolar’s free app and proprietary lens turn your smartphone into the most powerful shading analysis tool in the market today.

StepSolar produces a 360-degree image of the sky from any location. Using its advanced algorithms, it factors in seasonality, historical irradiation and shading to determine power production. The special lens connects to all popular smartphones in the market.

Site Analysis

Proprietary Optics

  • Attaches to all popular smartphones
  • Special coating eliminates negative impact of glare
  • Automatic calibration and correction of lens misalignment

Solar Marketplace

The most comprehensive online marketplace for solar equipment and financing options.

Through the StepSolar app, installers are connected to a comprehensive marketplace with data from thousands of equipment manufacturers and a variety of leasing options to choose from. This allows field staff to propose financing options and the right equipment on the fly.

Solar Marketplace

Sales Management Portal

Manage all your field operations and deals through an intuitive cloud-based interface.

The StepSolar App is connected to our sales management portal where all the sales visits and onsite reports are being updated in real-time. Installers can go from site analysis to sales proposal in less than 15 minutes without leaving the client site.

Sales Management Portal

Overall the Step Robotics App performed very well, and the largest difference between the energy predicted for a month by the Step Robotics and physical calculations was about 2%. It should be mentioned that the physical measurements and calculations have some uncertainty and the precision of the Step Robotics tool can only be as accurate as the photograph from which the data is taken. Considering these factors, the Step Robotics Site Analysis Tool’s performance was excellent.

StepSolar Testimonial
Dr. Frank Vignola
Director Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory, Univ of Oregon, USA

It was a pleasure to work with LMKT’s team of diligent and hard working professionals on the CUP project. In a very short span of time, we built a system that unifies a lot of complex data and functionality into a high quality, easy to use solution.

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Peter O’Regan
IT Specialist and CUP Project Manager, Saudi Aramco

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